About Us

As a family business with over 25 years of experience in education, AutismPro is here to support you and your child. Backed by decades of research and experience, AutismPro offers resources to help children with autism develop skills and function better across a wide range of developmental areas.

How it all began…

Our cofounders Susan and Brandi both have personal experience with autism. Both are mothers and businesswomen. They noticed the lack of support for educators, medical professionals, and parents of children with autism, and they wanted to do something to help.
AutismPro’s beginnings go back to 2007. Originally, the program was primarily used by schools and hospitals in the United States and Canada. Now, the team is taking their research and experience and offering it to the people who need it most: parents of children with autism. Over the last decade, the team has grown to include several passionate, experienced professionals.

We Care About Your Family

We consider our customers as family, and we want to walk through life with you. We’ll help you and your family take a hands-on role in helping your special-needs child succeed.

Meet Our Team

Brandi - Cofounder

Susan - Cofounder

Brian – Bus Dev

Kenton – Bus Dev

Chandra - Services

Marty - Support

Ali - Support

Trebor - Finance

Chelsi - Social Media

Chad - Programming

Chelan - Consultant

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