Improving Learning & Independence

Approaches for Teaching New Skills

Learn how to use shaping and chaining to build your child’s functional and self-care skills, allowing them to be more independent.

Case Studies in Learning

These 6 case studies will help you learn how to identify learning abilities and develop tailored support strategies for strengthening learning skills.

Improving Social Skills

Types of Social Skills

Learn about the 6 important social skills and common deficits in each of these skills. Then, discover helpful strategies for improving them.

Teaching Social Skills

This workshop shows you how 6 skilled, experienced teachers helped different students improve their core social skills.

Intro to Behavior Management

Working with Oppositional Students

Find out how to discourage oppositional behavior, respond appropriately, and encourage desirable behaviors in children with ODD and disabilities.

Proactive Crisis Management

Learn what a behavioral crisis is, how it develops, how to reduce and deescalate crises, how to handle a behavioral emergency, and more.

Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Gain a better understanding of ASD: its history, diagnoses, primary areas of difficulty, coping for family members, and opportunities for adults with ASD.

U.S. Federal Law

Find out more about the U.S. federal legislation on ASD, including special education services, public education, and individual education programs.

Managing Challenging Behaviors

Reactive Behavior Management

Learn the right reactions to decrease problem behavior and promote appropriate behavior through positive reinforcement and other strategies.

Proactive Behavior Management

Learn advanced behavior techniques to help proactively prevent behavioral issues and to understand why certain behaviors tend to occur.

Special Topics

Using Visual Supports

Find out all about visual supports: what they are, how to teach using them, and how to create your own inexpensive, effective visual supports.

Token Economies and Other Creative Reinforcement Systems

Discover token economies: what they are, how you can use them, and how to use various reinforcement systems to promote appropriate behavior.

We Offer Real Courses that Apply to Your Life

Find out all about visual supports: what they are, how to teach using them, and how to create your own inexpensive, effective visual supports.

Track Your Progress

Our courses offer Progress Assessments and Certificates of Completion. After completing the course materials, verify your learning progress with the Course Exam. Once you’ve completed both, you’ll get a Certificate of Completion and add the course to your portfolio!

Great for Busy Lifestyles

We understand your life is busy, so all our courses can be conducted at your own pace—no deadlines or hours of operation! Course lengths range from ½ hour to 1 ¾ hours, and you can complete them whenever and wherever you want.

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