Our Research

For decades, medical and behavior professionals have been studying autism’s root causes, its treatments, and therapies. At AutismPro, we draw on this research for every resource we create. We refuse to leave your child’s future up to chance by promoting unproven techniques and unfounded information—we only promote the best-quality research and advice.

AutismPro was created to help parents and family members learn about autism, behavior management, and intervention. We understand that not everyone has a strong background in behavioral science, so we created our programs accordingly. Since there is so much diversity within the behavior spectrum, our expert software allows even novices to design, implement, and individualize intervention plans that are tailored to a specific child. In creating and carrying out these plans, parents become more informed and empowered in creating positive behavior support. AutismPro’s practices are similar to what most professionals provide today, but have been streamlined by expert users for efficiency.

At AutismPro, we integrate the following research and models into our resources: